Possible side effects of Ativan

Lorazepam is part of the group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Its brand name is Ativan and it is employed for the short-term elimination of the signs and symptoms of increased anxiety. It functions by slowing the transmission between the nerve fibers in human brain.

Prior to using Ativan, inform your health practitioner or apothecary in case you are allergic to benzodiazepines (for example clonazepam, alprazolam); as well as if perhaps you have some other sensitivity. This drug may incorporate inactive components, which may trigger allergic reactions or some other difficulties. Consult your apothecary for additional information. Prior to applying this medicine, inform your health practitioner or apothecary of your health-related history, particularly of: kidney disorder, liver problems, glaucoma, respiratory problems, emotional disorders (like depression or psychosis), narcotic or alcohol abuse. Ativan is available in different strengths: 0. 5mg, 1mg and 2mg.

A large number of drugs may induce side effects. A side-effect is an undesirable reaction to a medicine when it is used in regular doses. Side effects could be moderate or severe, short-term or lasting. The adverse reactions outlined below aren’t experienced by all people who take this medicine. In case you are worried about side effects, talk about the hazards and positive aspects of this medicine with your health practitioner. The following unwanted effects have been recorded with about 1% of individuals using this drug. A lot of these adverse reactions can easily be handled, and several may disappear on their own after a while. Contact your health care provider should you encounter these adverse reactions and they are intense or irritating. Your apothecary might be able to counsel you on controlling side effects.

The most typical are:
· Unsteadiness or even disorientation
· Lightheadedness or dizziness
· Sleepiness
· Slurred speech

Even though the majority of the side effects do not occur frequently, they may result in serious difficulties if you don’t get medical help. Consult your health practitioner immediately in case any of these side effects appear: behavior alterations (aggressiveness, furious outburst), abnormalities such as disorientation, loss of perception of reality or delusions, enhanced mouthwatering, blurry vision or some other changes in eyesight, muscle weakness, muscle spasm, shifts in appetite, constipation, rapid or irregular heart rhythm, difficulties with urination, diarrhea, yellow skin tone, abnormal excitement, anxiousness, or frustration, allergy, changes in sexual interest or performance, nausea / vomiting and abnormal hemorrhaging or bruising.

Cease taking the medicine and look for urgent medical help if any of the following arise: chest discomfort, respiratory problems, hallucinations, inflammation of face, mouth, tongue, or throat as well as seizures. Some individuals might experience adverse reactions apart from those mentioned. Seek advice from your health care provider if you discover any sign that concerns you while you are using this medicine. Individuals who have preexisting depressive disorders can encounter growing or deteriorating signs of depression when taking this drug. Should you experience this, speak to your health practitioner without delay. Individuals with depressive disorders should be cured with proper antidepressant treatment. Taking Ativan throughout the initial trimester of pregnancy can cause a higher threat of some birth anomalies. This medicine shouldn’t be taken in pregnancy. If you get pregnant while using this drug, speak to your health practitioner right away. Even so, this medication is generally well tolerated and side effects are quite exceptional.